Thursday, February 18, 2010

Networking and Waiting

We had a good support group last night. It was great to see another couple realize their dream. It was great to learn about the entrustment ceremony and see pictures. The agency is trying to help the couples in the program hang onto hope and increase outreach. I have decided I have two options. I can stick my head in the ground and focus on other areas of my life, hoping that good things happen when you least expect it, or I can increase my networking and figure out other ways to get our name and situation out in the public. It may be the snow and the dreariness of winter, but the waiting is really taking its toll on me. Here's hoping the spring brings the news of a great little bundle of joy.


  1. Hello! I found your blog through the Adoption Voices network and was wondering if you'd like to post a button/ad on my adoption blog to maybe direct people here? We're all in this together!

    Let me know! Our blog is

  2. I would love to! You can post a button on mine as well!