Monday, June 14, 2010

Wishing on a Star

The school year is almost complete and the joy of summer is spread out before me. This summer is filled with traveling, family fun, cleaning and purging, and getting used to a brand new curriculum at school. As I think of everything I plan on doing, I get slightly overwhelmed. The only thing that relaxes me is to go out in our backyard, swing on our swing and look at the stars.

The stars are calming on a warm summer night. I remember wishing on them when I was younger for prince charming to come along. Now that I am older and have found the man of my dreams, I am wishing on a star for the baby of my dreams. I am keeping hope alive as Bill and I ride this roller coaster of events and emotions. Everytime I get overwhelmed or depressed, I will go to the backyard and swing on the wonderful, comfortable swing my prince charming bought me years ago and wish on a star for the baby of my dreams.