Sunday, April 11, 2010


We went camping this weekend. The great outdoors draw us. The peace and quiet at a campsite, surrounded by trees, deep in the history of the United States in Gettysburg, PA, with a campfire going, smores in the making and our two dogs lying lazily in the grass makes for a wonderful weekend far from the responsibilities of home. Our campsite is a wonderful place, very private, full of families with children, and close to so many different attractions that we never run out of things to do during the day. We talked a lot this weekend about how we would change our camper around for a baby. We are still waiting for our match, but have full faith that we will be picked by an expectant mother when it is the right time. We know that He has a plan for our lives and we trust in Him who made the great outdoors, the peace that comes from enjoying His creation, and we trust in His timing for our addition that we so anxiously await. Please continue to pray for us and God's will on the expansion of our family.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Easter Weekend

Let the cooking, candy shopping and birds chirping begin! Easter weekend is full of wonderful fun. We are going to enjoy the great outdoors tomorrow, cook Easter dinner and get ready to go to my sister-in-law's house on Sunday. Bill's whole family is gathering for Easter dinner, which means the house will be packed with children, laughter and FOOD! This week passed by so quickly, Sunday will be a great way to end Spring Break and get back into the swing of work and reality. I wish everyone a great Easter and pray that you remember the reason behind this holiday. If it wasn't for what our Lord did on that Easter morning, we wouldn't have the hope that we have now. Jesus, Saviour of the world, died for you and me, rose on the third day and is making a place in heaven for all who believe in Him. Have a blessed Easter.