Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Good Day

I had a wonderful day with my first graders today! We had so much fun today, the way learning should be. We learned how to write a summary using sticky notes and then they typed it on the computer. They had so much fun, they want to do it again! I love it when everything comes together like that! Then, we learned about Natural Resources by going outside and finding them on the playground. We wrote them down using clipboards and paper, then we came inside and drew pictures of them. What fun! Days like this make everything else easier to deal with. On another note, we got the adoption report for the past six months and it seems like only two domestic adoptions occurred in that time. I guess the agency isn't getting that many matches, makes our outreach that more important. I'm just glad that I had such a good day with my kids at school, it makes the wait more bearable! I would like to close with a big thank you to my cousins who really cheered me up yesterday. It shows you how important family is and how they can help you through anything with encouragement.

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  1. Shelly over at The Attic Girl has suggested your blog. Just wanted to let you know I grabbed your button and I wish you luck!