Thursday, January 21, 2010

Dogs, Parents and Husbands

I spent most of tonight at home with our dogs as my husband went to a class to renew his Master's license. Mom had me tracking Dad's flight from Jacksonville, Florida. She doesn't like it when he travels and was anxious for him to come home. I know how she feels, I don't like it when my husband travels, or when he works late. The only good thing was spending time with Hershey and Sparky. They are quite the pair. They love to lay next to each other and cuddle, unless one is getting attention, then they both vie for attention. I love how they act like children. They love to play with their toys, hate to share and love to chase each other around the house. Watching them brings joy. I can't wait until they have a baby to play with, they love children. In a lot of ways, they are my first children, but we are ready to expand the family and have a child to keep the dogs company! I can see them being like Nana in Peter Pan, watching and guarding our child. Sparky says it's bedtime, so I better go put the dogs to bed. I hope to have sweet dreams of a wonderful future tonight.


  1. Just as long as Sparky & Hershey don't let them fly off to Neverland. :) That Peter Pan is mischievous!

  2. Hello.. i just read your blog..and I found so many inspiring things here. I'm following you from Indonesia. :)
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  3. Babies and dogs do great together! We had a dog when our youngest was born and they loved each other dearly. We later found out my son was allergic and had a terrible time breathing because of the dog, so we had to find her a new home. As long as allergies don't pop up they will be the best of pals.

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