Monday, December 28, 2009

Hope for 2010

I sit here on the night of my 35th birthday thinking about the past decade. On New Year's Eve, it will be ten years since I met my husband. On New Years day, it will be one year since we decided to adopt. This past Thanksgiving marked seven years of trying to have a baby on our own. Our family and friends have supported us throughout this endeavor, and we are so grateful for your help and support. This website is a very important part of our search. Please invite as many people as you can to view this website. You never know who may know of someone who can help us receive our dream. The more people log on, the more people spread the word, the better our chances of holding that little one we already love so much. The agency says that outreach is our best chance, and we cannot rely solely on the agency. I know our family and friends are ready to welcome our new edition, so I ask you to help us. We already know a year can bring so much. Here's to the hope 2010 can bring.

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